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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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go into closed session. any public comment? call line item #7. >> the vote on whether to hold a closed session. president mazzucco: all in favor? we are now moving to closed
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>> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. please call line item number one, consent calendar. >> this a quarterly report by the department and office of citizen complaints regarding policy proposals. >> you have a copy of the report print the. do i have a motion to except it? >> are read referring to the
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general order? -- all are we referring to the general order? >> can we refer this -- >> let's move on to line item numbertwo. public comment. >> what the public is welcome to address the commission regarding items that cannot appear on the agenda but are in the purview of the jurists diction -- but are not in the purview of the police commission. >> thank you. first speaker. >> i would like the overhead to
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remain on as much the -- as the time allowed. two weeks ago, there was quite a few discussions about the use of tasters at mental-health training. one of the areas you talked about with mental health training is starting off under a federal grant and then because the money ran out it was delayed. we are not sure where that money will come from. i think that one of the things that we have to consider is police salary.
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the president of the san francisco police officer associate in has made for himself a contract. they want to fulfill the mission to become the highest fulfiled police force in the nation. the deputy chief earned $516,000 a year in 2009. if you use the 30-year formula, he will kit and retirement of $464,000 a year which will sort
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of work out over the next few years. you notice that his annual pay is 163,000. there is a way to get the $96,000 pretty easily, cut back on overtime. the deputy chief -- earned $405,000 in 2009. that will earn him $83,000 a year. -- thought that the year he was going to retire. it seems that we have a round robin going. they get to it to thousands of dollars in overtime and get thousands in pay.
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>> i am president of the san francisco police officers association i just came to talk about going through mine campaign. what do you see as your particular assignment?
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i know that we are fully aware that there is a budget crunch and we are aware of an economic downturn. it is important to remember that the basic tenet of any police department is to respond to calls for service in a timely manner to respond to the citizens of san francisco. i just returned from harvard on a seminar on the future of policing. these are tools in the toolbox, we can't get so caught up in statistics and crime suppression which we have done a fantastic job of in the city but we cannot forget that the front-line officers are the one that it is all about. i have seen stations that have
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gone down in the past six months and that is putting a tremendous burden on the stations. calls for service are not going anywhere. trying to do more with less puts more pressure on the officers out there and i think that we have to be aware of the fact that calls for service are the number one priority in the city and we cannot forget that. we could bring back some retired police officers and administrative duties. that is being underutilized if utilized at all. we can free up officers. we can no longer afford to send off to the police officers to
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the san francisco giants and san francisco forty-niners games. there is no reason why they cannot find the funds to pay for security rather than taking our personnel. thank you. >> [inaudible] had anything can happen. how can earn every time. every officer that has put their life on the line.
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every single day. i want to clarify how dangerous it is for you to find-uniformed police officers to do this every day of the life. i think that they deserve every single time they are getting because they're protecting all of us. the city is a tool. it should be kept that way. i am so glad you are here. i am so glad that of a former chief is now our district attorney. there will be a crackdown on crime in this city.
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i know that this gentleman is here to help us. but if you have ever done the security at the games like i have done, you would -- as well. >> i would like to say that the police force here hasn't done their job in 10 years. they have lied to the citizens. i have been accused of crimes that i did not do. someone tried to kill me in the tenderloin. the police did not know what was going on out in the street. what i was trying to protect
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myself. i am from new york city and i believe in long and order. i'm going to city college to get my criminal justice degree. i believe the police need to live in the city in order to work here. when i was a kid, we knew everyone in a two-mile radius. if you were drunk years ago, the police would walk you home and buy you a cup of coffee. we are outnumbered by the bad people. i believe in teasers.
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the police need to protect themselves. they need to send a message to the public. if you threaten the police, you could get yourself killed. i hope that they bring the death penalty back for the serial killers. but if we passed tougher laws, this stuff would stop. as far as handling the mentally ill, the police do not know how to do that. i have been working with mayor knew some -- working with mayor newsom. i have had the police over and i
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thought that they were on my side. a man goes in and accuses me saying that i was going to bomb that asians and the police took me to the psych ward. the doctors know that i will not do those types of things. i might be the only sane one in san francisco. >> thank you. back >> i am here to represent the civil-rights group and the coalition on homelessness. there was a meeting yesterday between the police chief and the mental health association and it came out that one of the reasons that the sensitivity has
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stopped is because the police chief pulled the funding. i wanted to say that it is very important that that is reinstated. what came out of the meeting was that the police department expects the mental-health association to pull the money out from an overly taxed system. if you will be spending money on taser is, you should have the money to reinstate the training. >> good evening. >> i would like to commend a couple of people.
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we have had like 10 homicides. this is a terrible number. these are inside homicides. these are family-related. it is not like we are not safe on the street. we are safe. it is not like everyone is fearful. it is not like that. the public needs to know that these are random family disputes. i think that the public israel over -- is overreacting to this. this is family stuff. i'm from boston.
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people are not out there cutting for people. >> is a any further public comment? >> good evening, on the subject of money, i am curious. what is the administrative staff here? how many assistant chiefs of police, how many deputy chiefs of police, how many commanders? we seem to have gone top-heavy around here and more important to have the brass then that the cops. they do a good job when they are out in the field but they have to be hired.
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how many police officers are we down now? it is more important to have commanders? what do fine for them to do? is there a place we can find out what the count is for the administrative staff? >> you can talk to the commission secretary. >> the retirement for the chief of police is 240 grand annually. they should not make over $100,000. they are retired. the subject of money is what keeps the world going on around. this is a biggie.
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all of those charges against the priests from the catholic church, they are all fraudulent. there are plenty of women working at the the church. they all came minimum of $1 million in payout. one of the guests looked up one of the retired priests recently and beat him up. they only got 635,000. money is important but it is nice when it is honest. >> is there any public comment? harry none, commissioners, is there any comment? >> the pensions that were shown are inaccurate numbers.
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the chiefs pensions are not based upon their last year aggregate pay. these are shown the base play what i understand is sick leave and vacation time. that is not the aggregate number which is the basis for the pension. those are very significant numbers that were shown so we should make the record known that that is not the pension. granted, this is a significant number. >> calling item number one, consent calendar. it report from the departments regarding policy proposals. >> are there any questions?
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>> will you provide a comment? otherwise i will ask questions. >> no, because this is on the consent calendar. the policy analyst is here in the audience and i am available as well. >> ok. >> sergeant mitchell is here. >> thank you very much it is also very busy. the reports that we got for this evening are pretty impressive so i am asking a few questions to better understand some of this. in terms of the general order proposal, this packet has
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several pages that list 1st the dates of proposal and these are only addressing general orders. is that correct? >> yes. >> the dates on this proposal are from 2003 until 2007. >> this runs all the way until 2010. >> some of them were initiated back in 2003. >> ok, because it did not show where they were started later than 2007. is there some history there? >> no, you are correct. what we have done is the general order is that we have worked on in the past quarter, we have highlighted that work. this has been highlighted in yellow and in blue.
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it has been a long project of reviewing the the general order and initiating revisions. >> thank you. another question was an explanation around the yellow and blue highlighting. i thought perhaps that was the reason. in 2010, they were not highlighted but you have said this is just for the last quarter, that explains everything. is there a difference between the blue and yellow? >> this indicates the work that was done. this is between the police department and our agency. >> because of the commissioners, there is a bit of a revolving door of every four years or so. a lot of the abbreviations, i am
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searching for what they mean and it would be helpful at least for me to have an abbreviation code at the end or something that translates. the people that generated the general order bulletin, that is the police department. the police department is listed here and someone else would enter. >> that would be sergeant mitchell. >> it does look like the rest of the reports were generated by the police department. bernanke. >> any further questions? -- thank you. >> to be ever to understand this
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clearly, the report that is dated july through september 2006, it is interesting that you note that. what has happened is that we forded this report to the commission and there is a tab that was included in the e-mail and it was printed up as part of the report. it has not been updated before the existence of the new unit which was traded by the department which i am now running. this probably should not have been included in this report because it has not been updated for many years so i apologize. we are hoping in the future that we will actually update of this so it will be current. this is not current information. >> in terms of the bulletin, we had 120 days of expiration, is
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that also included? >> the current information is that this is a paid and it has numbers on it. is that what you are referring to? >> the san francisco police department bulletin's within 120 days of expiration. that it has a bulletin numbers and the expiration date of. the numbers all start with 2004- 2005. >> all of this is all the information and should not have been included. the department bulletin's only last for two years. most of this has expired anyway. >> just briefly, what determines the priority? >> we have the general order
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which is written directives and written orders and it was just updated last june. this is very specifically transference all of these orders and all of those responsibilities which have been transferred downed to illegal unit. so, this requires full command staff review and sign off. this is only the units and the one that that bulletin a facts. this is usually signed off by the assistant chief of that bureau. people can be signed off by a commanding officer but we make sure that that assistant chief sees that and also signed off on it. this is just a level of importance. >> i understand that this is a level of importance.
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i appreciate your understanding. thank you. >> are there any further questions or comments regarding line item 1? is any public comment to for -- to any public comment? >> i've not had a chance to look through this. there was another report that was sent. the thing that really concerns me here on the general order is the state of the proposal in some of these. when you look at the actual status, this is three years before anything happens in some of these cases. like the very first one, the department of general order. i assume this is that the


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